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Research and technology transfer

Elasticity and Strength of Materials Laboratory  - LERMA

The promotional actions of the LERMA laboratory have been of two types so far: the creation of a web space and spreading actions and contact establishments with other groups, nationwide and worldwide.
Creation of the web space
This web space has been created specifically for LERMA. The goal of this place is to show and spread LERMA's activity, and the possibilities that it offers to companies and institutions to collaborate in knowledge and technology transfer.
Publication of articles and recent presentations
Magazine articles
Bonada, J. [et al.]. Selection of the initial geometrical imperfection in nonlinear FE analysis of cold-formed steel rack columns. "Thin-walled structures", Noviembre 2011, vol. 51, núm. February 2012, p. 99-111.   

Casafont, M. [et al.]. An experimental investigation of distortional buckling of steel storage rack columns. "Thin-walled structures", August 2011, vol. 49, p. 933-946.   

Roure, F. [et al.]. Stub column tests for racking design: Experimental testing, FE analysis and EC3. "Thin-walled structures", January 2011, p. 167-184.   

Casafont, M. [et al.]. Linear Buckling Analysis of Thin-Walled Members Combining the Generalised Beam Theory and the Finite Element Method. "Computers and structures", January 2011, vol. 89, núm. 21-22, p. 1982-2000.  

Reports de invertigacion
Roure, F. [et al.]. "Stub column tests of rack uprights. Experimental and Finite Element Analysis". 2011. Benchmark. 

Casafont, M. [et al.]. "Test method for distortional buckling of compressed pallet rack members. Length of specimens". 2011. 

Casafont, M. [et al.]. "An investigation on the design of steel storage rack columns by the Direct Strength Method". 2011.

Roure, F.; Somalo, MR.; Bonada, J. "Fatigue tests on Connection of cross-aisle tie to upright (Preliminary results)". 2011.

Roure, F. [et al.]. "Base plate tests". 2011
Contact establishment with groups
• We have contact and collaboration with Prof.T. Pekoz (Cornell University), in terms of stability under compression of open thin-wall sections, and of methodology of tests by means of buckling modes definition; with who we have made presentations together in work sessions.
• We have contacted with the metal racks research group of Trento University, who we have planned to organize together a seminar in Barcelona.
• We have established contact with the NEDCON-NL  Laboratory in Netherlands. We will work together on the testing of combined structures of racks.
• As part of the Reference in Advanced Techniques of Production Network (XARTAP), we have also started to be part of the EPM (Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean) Manufacturing.
• We are part of the workgroup of Fires and Explosions of the Public Security Institute of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
• We have established a collaboration relationship with IMAT. Technological Centre of Construction, for the mixed structures study.
Involvement in organizations
We have contacts with AEM-FEM. We usually collaborate together when it comes to racks, and more specifically, we organized together a seminar about rack's elements tests (ERF Workshop) during January of 2010 in Barcelona, at ETSEIB.

We have also taken part in TC7 (Technical Committee 7) WG 7.5 (Work Group 7.5) of the ECCS (European Convention for Constructional Steelwork), where we have taken part in several meetings. More specifically, we have collaborated in the organization of the last meeting that the group has had, which has been in Barcelona, at ETSECCPB, during January of 2010.